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A lucky 31 bet is very similar to the hugely popular lucky 15 that many people use when placing a bet on horse racing. Just like a lucky 15 though, a lucky 31 can be used on any sport and is a great bet to place, offering full coverage across your selections.

The one different with a lucky 31 is that is has five selections, but aside from that it works in exactly the same way, offering full coverage right from singles all the way up to a five selection accumulator that will return you a lot of money if it lands.

As the name suggests, a lucky 31 has 31 different bets meaning that is costs 31 x your stake. This makes the bet expensive so the people who play it often do it to small stakes, for example a 50p lucky 31 will cost £15.50. However, you do receive full coverage for this and will get a return from the bet even if you have just one winner from your five selections.

The bet covers every possibility, including five singles on your selections, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four fold accumulators and one accumulator on all five selections to win. It has the benefit of giving you a return with just one or two winners, but also the potential to win big with a five selection accumulator and each combination of four fold accumulators being covered.


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