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A round robin is a traditional bet that is usually placed on horse racing and consists of ten different bets. The bet is similar to a patent, but has one different element which means there are ten bets instead of the seven in a patent.

The round robin bet covers three selections and is ten bets which are three single stakes about bets, which are two bets each, totalling six, three doubles and one treble. The different from a patent is that the single bets are single stakes about bets, not regular single.

A single stakes about bet is an ‘if cash’ bet, which means your stake money is put onto your next selection, instead of being returned with your returns off the single. The doubles and treble in this bet work in the normal way, like they would in a patent or in a Trixie bet on three selections.

The advantage that the round robin has over a Trixie bet is that if you have just one winner, you will see a return which you don’t with a Trixie bet. However, because the singles in a round robin are single stakes about bets, the return for one winner in a round robin is less that the return for one winner in a patent.


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