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A triple is one of the simplest bets to place and you can place a triple on any sport you like. Many people place them each week and all the bet involves is picking out three selections and they all need to win.

A triple is just one bet, despite having numerous selections so if you were to place a £5 triple then it would cost you just £5. This is better for you than some of the multiple bets out there where you have to stake extra money to cover all the bets included. A triple is simple, one bet, three selections and they all need to win. Anything less than three winners out of three will result in your bet losing.

Should you find three winners then your winning bet will be a nice one because you have risked a triple, instead of backing all your three selections individually in singles. When you place a triple bet your full stake is placed on the first selections. If that wins then your returns are placed on the next selection, and if that wins then all the returns are placed on your final selection. If that wins then the entire money that your bet has earnt will all be yours.

The risk in this bet is that you will receive nothing back if you have one or two winners out of three, but the reward is the nice return you get if all three come in for you.


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