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A Trixie bet is a small multiple bet that covers three different selections and in total the bet has four different bets in it. This means that you will pay 4 x whatever your stake is for the bet so as an example, a £1 Trixie bet would actually cost you a total of £4. Due to the bet only covering three selections and only costing 4 x your stake, this is a popular small bet that many people use.

The four bets in a Trixie are a mixture of doubles and one treble. The bet contains three double bets, and one treble bet, which are the three different combinations of doubles from your three selections like below plus a treble on all three.

Bet 1 – Double on A & B
Bet 2 – Double on A & C
Bet 3 – Double on B & C
Bet 4 – Treble on A, B & C

With a Trixie, despite having three selections, you are covering each double between them so if you only have two winners out of three, you will still get a return on your bet. One winner in the bet will return nothing, two winners will give you one winning bet and if all three of your selections win then you have four winning bets and a nice win from the bookmakers.


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