Yankee Bet Calculator

A yankee is a popular bet that has been around for a very long time. It can be used on any sport although it is very popular for those who bet on horse racing. It is a multiple bet that contains 11 bets in total and these bets are placed on the four selections that you have chosen for the bet.

The 11 bets in a yankee are split up as follows.
6 doubles on all the possible double combinations
4 trebles on all the possible treble combinations
1 accumulator on all four selections

To get a return from your yankee you must have at least two winners, which is the different between this bet and a lucky 15 bet. However, it is cheaper than that bet, costing just 11 x your stake instead of 15 x your stake. That means a 50p yankee would cost you £5.50 in total.


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