What is a Double Bet

A double is a simple bet to place and can be placed on any sport that you want to. This bet involves picking two different selections and putting them together in one single bet where they both need to win. Many people place doubles each week and it is easy to see why, they are simple to understand, offer better returns than a single but offer a realistic chance of winning.

Despite having two selections, a double is just one single bet so if you were to place a £10 double then the bet would cost you a total of £10. This makes is easier to understand and simpler to use than many of the multiple bets out there where you have to pay different amounts depending on how many different bets form the full bet.

In a double you need to have two winners from your selections, if you have just one winner, or none then you will not have any returns from the bet. However, if you do find two winners then you will be paid out a nice return thanks to risking a double on the two selections, rather than playing it safe and placing two singles on them.

When you place a double, your stake is all placed on your first selection and if that wins then all the money you win would be put onto the second selection. If this one wins, you get the returns off the bet.

Take a look at the example below to see how this works.

£5 double on two selections at 2/1 and 3/1.

£5 at 2/1 on a winner returns £15 including stake money, the £15 is then placed on the second selection at 3/1. This returns £60, meaning your returns from the £5 double are £60. Compare that with if you placed two separate £5 singles, your total outlay would be double because you are placing two bets and your returns would be £35, nearly half what the double would bring. The bet has an added risk, because you only receive a pay out if you have two winners out of two, but as you have seen above, you will get a much better return. It is all about risk and reward with a double, the risk is there because you need to have two winners, but you will see a much better reward if you do have a double up, compared to two singles.

It is easy to see why doubles are so popular and why many people place them each week. The chances of a win are not too high due to too many selections, but the returns can still be very good if you manage to land one.