What is a Goliath Bet

The biggest type of multiple bet that you can place is a goliath bet. This covers eight different selections and can be placed on any sport that you like. The total amount of bets in a goliath is 247, which means that only small stakes are played on these bets. A small 10p goliath will cost £24.70, so you can see just how quickly the total cost mounts up due to so many bets being covered.

The goliath covers every single bet across your eight selections, with the exception of singles which are not covered. The 247 bets in a goliath are detailed below.

A goliath has:

28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and 1 accumulator on all eight selections.

With the bet covering everything apart from singles you need to have two winners out of eight to receive anything back on your bet. If you get two winners, your one winning bet will be a double on those two selections. The more winning selections you have, the greater number of winning bets you will have as detailed below.

2 winners – 1 winning double
3 winners – 3 winning doubles, 1 winning treble
4 winners – 6 winning doubles, 4 winning trebles, 1 winning four-fold
5 winners – 10 winning doubles, 10 winning trebles, 5 winning four-folds, 1 winning five-fold
6 winners – 15 winning doubles, 20 winning trebles, 15 winning four-folds, 6 winning five-folds, 1 winning 6 fold
7 winners – 21 winning doubles, 35 winning trebles, 35 winning four-folds, 21 winning five-folds, 7 winning six-folds, 1 winning 7 fold

Should you manage to have eight winners in your goliath, then all of your 247 bets will be winners.

Despite costing a huge amount of money, if you are happy to stake a small amount of money on a goliath, the bet offers you both a small return for two winners or more, and the chance to win big if you happen to pick out a lot of winners. With so many winning bets, even if you have just four winners out of eight, you should still see a nice return in your goliath bet. The goliath costs a lot of money, even for just small stakes, but it gives you full coverage on eight selections, with the exception of singles. It doesn’t matter which selections win, as long as two or more win you will receive a pay out. Should you hit more than four winners then you are sure to be on for a nice pay out, with so many winning bets coming in. It is the potential to win a huge amount of money that makes the goliath appeal to many, if you land six, seven or eight winners then you are set for a very nice pay day.