What is a Lucky 15 Bet

One of the most popular horse racing bets out there is a lucky 15 and many people will place this bet every single day on the horses. It can also be used on any sport you like, and as the name suggest it has 15 different bets in total. The bet requires four selections with a pay out even if you have just one winner out of four, which is why the bet is so popular.

Alongside giving a pay out with just one winner, the lucky 15 bet also appeals to those who want to win big, because it offers the chance to win a huge amount of money. This is because the bet includes an accumulator on all four selections, however, to cover all these bets it will cost you 15 x your stake. This means that a £1 lucky 15 bet would actually cost you £15 to place.

The bet covers every single possibility between your four selections, from singles on each of them all the way up to one accumulator on all four to win. This means you have the chance to win huge, but also you know that if you have just one winner, you will receive something back. Expect a small return for one winner, an ok return for two winners, a nice return for three winners and a huge return for four winners.

If you have one winner then they only winning bet you have is the single on that selections. Two winners will give you three winning bets, which are two separate singles plus a double on the two winning selections. If you have three winners, this is when the winnings really start to mount up because you have seven winning bets in total. You will have three winning singles, three winning doubles of each combination and one winning treble.

Should you manage to find four winning selections then you will have a full card of 15 winning bets, covering the four singles, six doubles, four trebles and that all important accumulator. This will give you a huge return and will pay for many more bets in the future.

A lucky 15 is similar to a yankee bet, another one that is popular with horse racing punters. The only different between these two is that the lucky 15 covers four single bets and offers a return if you have just one winner.

The lucky 15 bet offers a great way to bet in any type of sport, giving the potential to win big, while also rewarding you if you have just one or two winners out of four, which some bets don’t do. Although it costs 15 x your stake money, it does offer full coverage on your four selections.