What is a Patent Bet

A patent is a very popular bet that people use on a number of different sporting events. To place a patent you need to have three different selections to go in your bet. The patent bet will be placed on these three selections and should you have any amount of winners, one, two or three, you will be paid out on those. Paying out on just one winner out of three is an important advantage that this bet has over most others and one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Inside a patent there is seven different bets so a patent will cost you 7 x your unit stake. A £1 patent bet will cost you a total of £7. The seven bets inside a patent are explained below.

3 singles – A single on each selection, A, B & C

3 doubles – Doubles on A&B, A&C and B&C covering all permutations

1 treble – A treble on your selections A, B & C to all win

A patent covers singles on each selection you choose, meaning that if you have just one winner on your bet you will still have a return. This is the advantage that a patent has on other bet types because it covers everything and doesn’t require on a minimum amount of winners.

If you have one winner then you will be paid out on the winning single you have on that selections. Should you have two winners then in total you would have three winning bets, two singles on your two selections that have won, plus a double on those two. At this stage your patent bet will become a very profitable bet because you have successfully landed a double on two of your selections.

If you are lucky enough to pick three winners out of three then you will be in for a great pay day. Here you will have all seven bets in the patent as winners, so you will be paid out on three winning singles, three winning doubles and that all important winning treble. It is the treble that makes a huge difference to your bet returns and one thing that makes the patent as popular as it is.

By costing 7 x your stake, this bet is more expensive than a Trixie or a treble on three selections, however it does also have benefits over them. In a patent you will receive a pay out if you only have one winner, which you don’t in the other two. You will also keep the important part of the other two bets, the treble on all three selections which is the bet that makes any of these three a very nice pay out.