What is a Triple Bet

A triple bet is a very simple bet to place and you can place a triple on any sporting event you want to. The bet has three different selections, all placed together in one bet and to win you need all three outcomes to win, and you will get a return. Many punters place triples each week and it is easy to see why, they are very simple to follow and offer a great return if one wins, while keeping the chances of a win realistic.

Despite having multiple selections, the triple is not a multiple bet, it is just one bet and is staked like that. A £10 triple costs you £10, you don’t have to pay any extra because of the selections, this is just one bet. This makes it easier to understand and pay for compared to the multiple bets out there that use three selections like a Trixie or a patent.

In a triple bet you need to pick three selections and have three winners from them. If you have one or two winners you will not receive anything back from the bet. That is where the Trixie and patent bets work better, for those who do want a return after having just one or two winners. However, if you do have three winners out of three then you will receive a great return on your bet, all for just one stake thanks to risking a treble, instead of backing the selections in a different way.

When you place a triple bet, your entire stake is placed on the first selection. If that wins, the returns from that are placed onto your next selection. If that wins, the returns from that bet are placed onto your third and final selection and if this one wins, you get the returns off your bet.

An example of this working can be seen below.

£5 triple on three selections at 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1.

£5 at 2/1 on the first selection returns £15 including stake money. The £15 is then placed on the second selection at 3/1, which returns £60. The £60 is then placed on the final selection at 4/1, which gives a return of £300 including your stake money back.

The above shows just how quickly a triple bet can mount up, with a serious return being offered for finding three winners out of three. Picking three winners is still a realistic amount to target and that is the reason why these bets are so popular with punters every week.

A triple has both a risk and reward element to it, the risk is because you only get a return if you back three winners out of three while the reward is the potentially big pay out like above.