What is a Trixie Bet

A Trixie bet is a popular multiple bet which can be used on any sport. The bet has four separate bets in it, and covers three different selections. When staking your Trixie bet you will have to pay 4 x your stake, so for example a £2 Trixie bet would cost you in total £8. The small total cost on this bet, and the fact that it only covers three different selections makes it a popular choice with punters who use it for any sport.

The four bets that are in a Trixie are listed below.

Bet 1 – Double on A & B
Bet 2 – Double on A & C
Bet 3 – Double on B & C
Bet 4 – Treble on A, B & C

As you can see above, a Trixie is broken down into three different double bets and one treble on all of your selections. This means that if any two of your three selections win then you will see a return on your bet. This is the reason why many people use Trixie’s, because if they get two out of three correct they still get a return, unlike with other bets where they would receive nothing.

The one thing a Trixie bet doesn’t have is singles, so if you only have one winner out of your three you will not receive any returns for that winner.

Should you get two winners then your returns from the bet are the returns on the one winning double between those two selections. If you are able to land three winners on a Trixie you will see a return off all your four bets as they will have all won. Here you will have three winning doubles and a winning treble, meaning you will see a great return off your bet. The only one downside to having a Trixie bet is that if you have just one winner out of three then you will not see a return for that as your smallest bet in a Trixie is a double, requiring two selections to win.

Trixie bets are popular because they do not cost too much, they are just 4 x your stake, while also giving you the chance to win big. They also offer a consolation style pay out if you have two winners out of three, although the pay out turns big if you can pick three winners out of three in your bet. However, you will not see any return if you have one winner out of three like you would in other bets that are available using three selections. Landing that will give you three winning doubles and a winning treble, which means a healthy profit for you.